University of Sheffield Hong Kong Society Freshers 2012/2013

University of Sheffield Hong Kong Society endeavours to promote Hong Kong culture and to strengthen the bonds between Hong Kong students within the student community. Throughout the academic year, a multitude of events would be held to provide a friendly environment for incoming freshers and to enrich their university experience, including regular dinners, inter-university sports competitions, career workshops, freshers' disco, the annual variety show, etc.

Current members and Offer holders are welcome to join the group;

We would like to introduce to you the committee members of the University of Sheffield Hong Kong Society 2012-2013:

President: Rocky Chen (Accounting and Financial Management)
Phone: 07538511900 (UK)/ 91863637 (HK)

Vice-President: Cherry Yuen (Urban Studies and Planning)
Phone: 07427651535 (UK)/ 90613387 (HK)

Secretary: Zara Lau (Biochemistry)
Phone: 07557100474 (UK)/ 69091321 (HK)

Treasurer: Gladys Li (Accounting and Financial Management)
Phone: 07868971097 (UK)/ 97313418(HK)

Welfare & Inclusion: Andrew Lee (Accounting and Financial Management and Mathematics)
Phone: 07412592266 (UK)/ 66990390(HK)

Event Officer: Samantha Lam (Business Management)
Phone: 07411299699(UK)/ 63388123(HK)

Event Officer: Tony Chun (Civil Engineering)
Phone: 07588939113 (UK)/ 98555339(HK)

Sports Officer: Jimmy Leung (Biochemistry)
Phone: 07786137549 (UK)/ 91258105(HK)

Sport Officer: Travis Leung (Civil Engineering)
Phone: 07403213446 (UK)/ (HK)

Publication Officer: Max Wong (Urban studies and Planning)
Email: /
Phone: 07848817953 (UK)/ 98379815 (HK)

IT Officer: Hayden Cheung (Computer Science)
Phone: 07427299328 (UK)/ 62142466 (HK)

Please feel free to contact our committee members or post it on the wall if you have any questions regarding University of Sheffield.
We will keep you updated with the latest events and ensure you have best university experience!!