Belize, Buy, Sell, or Trade

This group was created for Belizeans who live in Belize to add things they want to buy, sell, or trade. And to post pictures of the things they have for sell or trade.
Add information for getting in touch with you.
Please keep posts clean.

The admin try hard to avoid having spammers post on this site. When admin get a request from someone to join this group, admin looks at profiles to help determine legitimacy.

Admin have noticed a large increase in SPAMMERS. People who are selling large amounts of electronic devices and shoes and are not from Belize. These ads have been cluttering the page and it's very hard to find legitimate ads. Those ads will be removed and users will be banned permanently.

To all members: This page is to advertise only. You are more than welcome to advertise your products, your house for rent, to sell your food etc. Please DO NOT advertise WILD ANIMALS or BIRDS for sale, or your AD will be removed and you will be banned permanently.

If you are a business in Belize, please limit your ads, otherwise, admin will be forced to delete or ban you. This group is for individuals wanting to sell their personal items. When they have to scroll through numerous ads of the same thing, it becomes tiresome. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

ADDING PICS: Please post your pictures with description, location, pricing and location. To keep the scrolling from being cluttered, please delete your pictures once item has sold.