New England Area Animal Adopt/Rescue

In this group, we are working together to make sure New England area animals find good and loving homes. I currently have four animals and three of them have been adopted/rescued. The three animals that I have adopted are the most loving and caring animals that I have ever owned! I call them my “second chance” animals.
If you have animals that need rescue please upload photos to this page. Please make sure you add a description making sure you include: age, gender, any vet history, and temper with kids, other dogs, and cats. Since I am sure your animal that needs a family is purely amazing, I am sure many people are going to be interested. THIS IS NOT A FIRST COME FIRST SERVE facebook page, we would like you to get to know everyone who inquires about the animal you are looking for a new home for. Choose the person who you think will be most fitting for your pet.

If you are looking for an animal, please make sure you comment where you live (town), what type of housing you are in (rental or house), if you currently have a vet, and any other animals you may have.

Pets are amazing and if I could have it my way; I would have 10x more than I do now. But we want to make sure that the animals find their FOREVER home and not just a temporarily one. We understand situations do arise but think of the pet first!