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Local Online Car boot for surrounding area's

Please read the rules before posting any ads thanks.

Please feel free to advertise your sales, swaps and wants plus any local events. We do not allow other local selling pages to promote their pages/groups on the wall.

Once you have commented on a post or photo please inbox further messages to stop the post being bumped to the top of the page.
Anyone ‘bumping’ their ads with full stops, smiley faces etc will be removed, posts may only be ‘bumped’ once in 24 hours

General rules as follows:
1.please comment or delete when sold, members are requested not to create their own albums on the group
2. Text adverts and links to selling albums can be posted once a day
3. All ads must include a town or first half of postcode plus a price unless it's free or a wanted ad
4. No ads by 'selling pages'
5. Local businesses can place their ads in line with everyone else but if they have private sales they must be placed with their personal profile
6. Maximum of 5 items to be posted per day, if you have multiple items please make an album
7. Nothing age restricted or illegal to be advertised, although links may be placed to albums selling age restricted items, but keep any photo appropriate thanks
8. Pet ads will be allowed as long as they are placed responsibly

Explanations of certain rules:
1.The more photos the slower the album uploads, they are automatically deleted after one week. If every member put their own album on there would be in excess of a 1000 albums to look through
2. People do not want to read the same posts over and over
3. If people have no transport they like to know where an item is, people do not like making offers without an indication of what you will accept
4. We do not allow 'selling pages' only personal profiles as people have a right to know who they are making a transaction with.
5. If businesses create a photo ad they can add it to the Trade Ad album, these are only deleted if requested by the business
6. If someone has only one item to sell it isn't fair to have it 'knocked off' the wall by someone posting 20 items
7. Due to the nature of the group and the fact that is is accessed by all ages we do not allow items of an 'adult' nature to be posted, but you can post a link.
8. Pet ads, any offers of swaps for animals for items such as mobile phones etc will be removed.

No illegal or counterfeit goods as this will cause the page to be removed. (This includes, but is not limited to, r4 cards, chipping/modding, alcohol, tobacco, dvd/cd copies etc, use common sense and if in doubt ask an admin before posting).
No weapons - guns, knives, swords etc real or replica

Also this page can be used to let people know of lost and found items in the area and local events.

Any issues with this page please contact one of the admin team who will try to help but please remember to use common sense when buying and selling as this page or any of the admin are not responsible for any of the transactions and cannot get involved in personal disputes, they are there primarily to moderate the use of the page

Treat all transactions as you would if you were buying at a local car boot, check everything before you hand over any money, in law you have very little protection as far as private sales are concerned.

NOTE: Please make sure your privacy settings allow people to inbox you!