Kidz Korner of Buckeye, Goodyear, Avondale & Litchfield Pk. Baby/Kid items

This is a group for Buckeye & Goodyear cities to sell any new/used Baby/Kids items (clothes, shoes, toys, furniture, etc) inquire about daycare/babysitting, organize play groups and make new friends!

We ask that you follow these simple rules of etiquitte:

1. Treat each other with respect. Remember, we are ALL friends in this group. There will be No harassing, poor language or slandering of another person in this group.

2. If you are truly interested in an item, stay engaged in the transaction conversation. The seller should not have to chase you down, if you committed to buying something. Also, Dropped conversations, by either party, can lead to confusion and frustration for all. If you are a potential buyer and you have dropped the conversation for several hours, the seller has the option to move to the next in line of interest.

3. It is entirely up to the seller, if he/she wants to accomodate driving to or meeting the buyer in a transaction. Please also respect that a seller may need to sell something immediately and can not wait days or weeks until you can get the money to pay for the item. If you are #1 in line, please be prepared to meet the seller at THEIR leisure.

4. Please remove your post, after the sale.

5. Do not come to this group to SPAM the board with your advertisements.

6. I delete post that are unsold after 30 days. Feel free to repost if item was not sold. I just delete every 30 days to keep the board clean and not get out of hand with pictures.

7. Please only bump your item 2 times a week. I do not allow bumping daily because most people want to see new items and not the same ones over and over. Thank you.

8. no advertising on any type of business!

Anyone who is a repeat offender of any rule will be permanently banned from the group.

Your admin