Childrens NEXT clothes ONLY for sale/free/wanted in Poole

Hello all....
made this page for buying/selling/giving away for free, boys/girls NEXT clothes only!

Please if you can put all your items in an album and dont list indivudual photos as the system gets clogged up! AND also add size and price to your listings and your area so people no where abouts you are in your album title...saves messing about then..THANKS!

MOBILE USERS: Can you please list your items you have for sale, then post any photos requested, delete after items sold...Only have a few items, list MAX of 3 items please!

Any abusive/timewasters will be removed and blocked so please play nice =o)

ATTENTION all pics must be sized and priced to save people asking please edit picture and also comment underneath size and price for mobile users. This is not all the other groups we have our own rules that is first person to comment on item has 1st refusal, wether it's "how much" or "what size" after seller has replyed, buyer has 12hours to reply otherwise go to 2nd in line and so forth.