Gamers In Jordan

Hey All!!
This is a group only made for those who are addicted to GAMEZ in our lovely country (Jordan) ......feel free to join and share your knowledge and experience in gaming.

The Rules:

1(*)- Dota and LoL unnecessary posts (your rank,kills,connect/disconnect,skins or "its dota time *by posting yourself playing it* " will get removed.

2-buying,selling,trading and commercial posts will be removed likewise the member, without any warning, cause mostly he/she came for that purpose.

3-any member who posts inappropriate (pictures,videos or comment) that contain sexual,religion or racist themes will be kicked.

4- spams will be removed and the member will get a warning.

5- the only member who allowed to post commercial things is "RANI game store" , and the place is trusted.

6- watch your language.

7- emulation/piracy are welcomed :P