Kitsap Co. MILITARY Wives (Bangor, PSNS, Keyport)

This is a site for Navy wives of Kitsap County to meet each other and support each other!
It is open to spouses, fiancees, boyfriends & girlfriends!

When you ask to join, please keep an eye on your 'others' folder for a message from an admin. If your privacy settings are set so you cant get a pm from a non-friend, please be proactive and PM an admin, and they will get back to you. The main admin(s) that deal with new requests will have an asterisk next to their name. You should be able to message them, and get a response fairly quickly.

**This group is not an official Navy/Military group, and is not in any way sanctioned by the Navy/Military. This is a group run by civilians, for civilians. It is run by admin who have lives including kids, jobs, houses, spouses, daily life, etc, that extend well beyond their volunteering here. Please keep that in mind when using the group.**

If you are not affiliated with the military, and/or have created a fake profile, you WILL be reported to NCIS.