Abu Dhabi Indian Expats

Welcome to Abu Dhabi Indian Expats Group.
Sneak-peak into this group to make new friends, share your ideas, buy and
sell used/un-used household goods, toys etc.

A few notes to be followed by everyone.
1. Kindly note, please use PM (private messages) to share any
personal information. Posting personal information such as contact
numbers or email addresses on the wall WILL NOT BE PERMITTED. Only personal details of registered business can be posted. All
personal details (Private) need to be sent to the Inbox of the concerned person.

2. Members wishing to sell any unused, brand new or second hand items
in good condition, need to post a picture of the item directly to the
wall. The picture should be accompanied with details regarding
condition, Price, location and usage. Every sold item is deemed to be marked as SOLD by
the seller. It will hence be deleted by me or the person who posted the advt.
Multiple items by a buyer should be posted under a single folder.
Do not post contact numbers unless your leaving the country.
Please use Photos tab for posting pictures of stuff your selling. Do
not use FILES tab.

3. Licensed Members who wish to hold any events (taking place anywhere in
UAE), of any nature, should please contact me before posting any
flyers or the like to the wall. No posting personal flyers of any exhibition to the wall without Admin permission.

4. Kindly note business's like tuitions, private day care, classes of any kind etc are all illegal in UAE hence I do not entertain such postings. Kindly refrain from posting details which can be of harm to you and this group.

Members please note, I do not represent any member's business
advertised on this page. I am just allowing them to post their details
here. You need to verify the information and go ahead with any deals
solely on your own judgment/risk.

Any improvements and suggestions are always welcome and please use
the group for the benefit of all. Anyone not following the above rules
will be warned the first time, a repeat of the same thing will force
me to remove that person from the page without any notice.