Judy's Double Lung Transplant Donation Site

Friends of Judy Scriven and Nancy Buchner
Appeal for Donations ...to Support Judy Scriven on her Transplant Journey

On Thursday Oct 9, 2014, Judy and Nancy learned the news they have been waiting a very long time to hear: Judy is a candidate for a double lung transplant. Judy has emphysema and it has robbed her life of even the smallest joys. A double lung transplant will save her life. But the timing is difficult. Nancy has been off from work for 18 months following an injury and knee replacement operation and is only now able to return to work. And while OHIP covers all medical costs, it’s the day-to-day expenses that are taking a financial toll on their household. These include multiple trips to Toronto West General, parking, gas, utilities and sometimes even food is a challenge.

Please join friends and family in donating to a small fund to help Judy and Nancy cover expenses and make ends meet during this difficult and life-saving journey.

The transplant journey is long and grueling and doesn’t end with the new lungs. Pre-transplant Judy and her support team, made up of family and friends, will make trips to Toronto West General two and three times a week to meet with the transplant team including the nutritionist, psychiatrist, social worker, transplant co-ordinator, anesthesiologist and surgeons. The transplant operation itself will see Judy in the hospital for 4 weeks. Then home with round the clock care from her support team followed by months of weekly trips back to the hospital.

Meet Judy’s support team - Nancy Buchner, partner and Judy’s life love, Jill, Judy’s sister, and Betty, Nancy’s sister. Without them, Judy could not be a candidate for a transplant. Judy can be no more 2 ½ hours from TWG hospital or risk losing a viable lung match. The same goes for her support team. They must be available 24/7 to get Judy to the hospital when a pair of lungs comes available. They have to undergo hours of training to give Judy the physical and emotional care she needs. Other friends and family help with drives to the hospital, meals, chores and errands. And they will do this for as long as it takes for a viable match to be found. And for the time it takes to recover.
Sometimes people get a second chance at life. Please join us to support Judy’s second chance.

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