Furniture and Home Decor in Johnson & Surrounding Counties

Welcome to the group. Please be courteous to each other and have fun selling, trading, or buying. If anyone has any ques
tions please email me.

Suggestions for selling your items......
-Pease remember to remove items that are sold.
-When checking post, if you are not friends with with members, private messages go to the "other folder."
-Please no negative comments. PM the seller if there is a problem with item or price.
-Please BUMP your item if not sold evey 2 days to give other members fair chance to post & sell new items.
-Buyers & Sellers please be courteous when it comes to sale it self. Communication is Key to avoid or limit "No Shows."
-If you have several items that are the same please post as a "folder" to avoid flooding of page.
-Please give seller time to answer to a post. Not everyone sits in front of a computer.
-Seller please give everyone a chance at your item by going in order of response.
If pm please indicate so everyone has a fair chance.
-No firearms please.

These are only suggestions to make things flow more smoothly in the group. Hope everyone sell, buy, or trade their items. Happy hunting