Jeepaholics Anonymous - Australian Chapter

I guess the topic is simple, are you a Jeepaholic?
Do you, talk Jeep, watch Jeep, spot Jeep, read Jeep, wear Jeep, drive Jeep, dream Jeep, only want Jeep presents, have more pictures of the Jeep then your family, the perfect day is with your Jeep or under your Jeep?
If so then you are in the right place and you are not alone, all of us have the same problem and we need to talk about it! That's the only way we will understand the addiction ......

Share your ideas and Jeep issues with each other, even if it's "Where do I get a Jeep shirt like yours?"

I call we at least have a monthly meeting to discuss our addiction. Nothing big a simple get together will do (BBQ, Pub, Park, Beach, Back Yard, Garage, Shed or even under the Jeep). So post a date, time and place and help your fellow Jeeper.