For sale, free or wanted! St Stephen, Macedonia, Russelville and Bonneau

New and used items for sale or trade. We raise money for breast cancer awareness and fire victims. We are located in Russelville SC. Rules are simple. No spams, no drama and please mark items as PUZZLE to be bumped to the top. Delete your items when they are sold. Please no cussing and no nude or Volgor pics. We are a group with elderly people so please respect your elders. List as many items as you want and treat this page as you would treat your grandparents!!! RESPECT!!!

Erase old post
Please give everyone a chance to buy! Yes first come first serve but have some patience!

No limit of items to sell

I will delete you if you do not respect others and you cause drama! This is a drama free zone!!

Only bump once in a 3 day time period
Please erase items that have been sold

It's a struggle for a lot of families to get set back up and a lot of people are not able to have home owners so I try to do what I can to help bc I know I will be blessed one day too. I am opening a bargain barn and I sell items as well so I can help pay light bills and groceries for the needy, I take the elderly to and from the dr or grocery shopping or just spend the day with them because my motto is "nobody is forgotten, everyone is remembered!" Again I ask for no money bc I know this is what God wants me to do. I have my own struggles but I'm blessed with what I have :). Also the things we sell we will give a donation to cancer awareness and we are going to start a toy drive to get toys up for children's birthday as well as Christmas! Children are our future. I want to make a differance and I believe in the PAY IT FOWARD method!!!!

I am just getting started and its a struggle because I was broken into and striped of my wire, air conditioner, hot water heater and more! It's taken me a long time to get this together because not only did they take the material things I need but the stole my heart. Sad to say I know but it's true. Maybe not my heart but something happened and I felt I lost my faith for a bit but I'm not going to let them thieves keep me down. I'm no quitter!
Thanks in advance for having faith in me and you all will be blessed for your donations and your kindness!