Jefferson County (Arkansas) Swap Shop


Welcome to Jefferson County (Arkansas) Swap Shop. This page is for people living in Jefferson County and surrounding areas. If you live outside the county, please make yourself available to meet. This makes everyone happier. The more available you are the better chance you have at selling your items.

Posting your item, then double posting or "bumping" your item in a 24 hour period is not allowed. Multiple posts will be deleted, and repeat offenders will be banned. Just trying to be fair to everyone, folks! This means after you post an item, please wait AT LEAST 24 hours before bumping or re-posting. If you're not sure if 24 hours have passed, then please hold off another day.

Please do NOT create an event of any kind on our page! This is considered spamming by many of our members, including myself. If anyone creates an event, they will be removed and banned from our group without further notice. If you want to advertise, please do it like everyone posting on the wall.

Individuals can now only post 4 items, unless you create an ALBUM! If you create an album, you can have as many items as you'd like. Please only create one album per person. The bumping rule applies to your album as well--please wait AT LEAST 24 hours before bumping it. Multiple posts by the same person, even if they are different items, will be deleted, and repeat offenders will be taken off of the site. If you cannot create an album, when your items sale delete those 4 items and add 4 more. From now on, pictures and albums that are more than 2 months old will be removed, unless you bump them frequently.

If you have a business, please note that you are limited to 1 post per day, unless you create an album, as noted above.

Also, please include the item's description, size, and price with your picture. If you just post a picture, without the pricing, it will be deleted.

This group is to buy sell or trade unwanted items that are cluttering you house. You can also giveaway items. It can also be a place for announcements such as yard sales or jobs wanted. If you have a skill or own a business you are welcome to tell about your skills or items.

By default, Facebook has the settings to where you are notified of every single post in a group. To keep this from driving you absolutely insane, after joining, simply click on the Edit Settings for the group at the top of the page, and change your notification settings.

All sales / trades are between the buyer and seller only. This group and the admins are in no way responsible for deals "gone bad". Also if you have sold an item please remember to delete it and the comment or please put sold on it. This makes it easier on us when trying to determine what has sold and what has not. However, IF you have an agreement with someone to sell your item to them, please stick to that agreement. Agreeing to sell an item to one person then instead selling it to someone different because they offer more money is not a decent way to do business nor will it be tolerated. We all want to make a little money for our "leftovers" but lets do business the way we would want others to do business with us!

I just want everyone to follow the Golden Rule! Please do not post and bump your item in the same day. Multiple posts will be deleted. This is not the place to be rude...If you don't have something nice to say, please keep your posts to yourself. Also, this is not a medium for your "soapbox". This is a trader's site.

Thanks for joining!
Chad & Nicole