Nepali Jokes

Funny jokes bring us a burst of laughter and help us significantly ease the tensions built inside us. Doctors say that filling the life with humour is a key to good health. When we laugh, all the muscles in the face get a good exercise. There are several benefits of sharing funny jokes. Some of the most important of them are listed below.

• People who share good jokes can allure people and easily build up the list of friends.
• Funny jokes boost up the human immune system and keep people in good health.
• Laughter massages most organs of the human body.
• Jokes help in dissipating our anger, stress, depression and irritation.
• Jokes are the easiest and the quickest way to overcome conflicts.
• Jokes sharpen our sensibilities and tune our capabilities.
• By sharing good jokes, we are able to impress our customers and business contacts and easily further our business prospects.