Jordan All the Way

Created this group to find stuffs for Jordan enthusiasts. Simple rule applied and must be follow in order to have this group maintain the good interests and as reliable for online users especially all the members. Members can post Jordan items as buy, sell, trade.


1. KNOW your Buyer/Seller/Trading Partner!!

Get all the necessary information of the BUYER/SELLER/TRADER prior or once the deal has been made/closed.

Complete Name:
Contact Number:
Valid ID's

2. As buy/sell items

As a Seller, make sure that all the needed information like condition, selling price, inclusion of the items to sell, meetup location, contact details, issues if any are available on your post otherwise will be considered as invalid post to avoid mis-understanding for both parties.

As a Buyer, Make sure to get all the needed information before making any transaction for the desired item to avoid mis-understanding for both parties.

3. Trade Items

For Trade items, indicate all the information needed based from the actual/present condition of your item.

if the deal has been made for both parties it is their liability for any loss, if they both agreed in shipping transaction. Same rules applied for buyers/sellers.

4. Flaker/ Joy Reserver/

Person/s involved in any of this case(buyer/seller/trader) will be banned in this group unless provide sufficient and valid reason.

5. STRICTLY no offensive/foul words when dealing in any transactions. Banned

6. STRICTLY No Bogus and Fake items(replica, class A,)

7. Vouch/Legit check Items

Vouching and legit check for the seller/trader and the items he/she owned must have received "Legit" comments to make sure that the item and person is real to avoid any issue.

8. Only two different post offers are accepted per day and "UP" post are only limited to just one (1) per day(24hrs). " If this rule is being ignored you will be warned for the 1st offense and post will be deleted for the 2nd offense"

9. Respect each members post. But please no RAPE prices.

Goodluck and God bless everyone.