Chadron Online Garage Sale

REMEMBER TO CHANGE YOUR SETTINGS IF YOU WOULD RATHER NOT GET NOTIFICATIONS ON ALL POSTS. (You will get MANY if you do not change your settings) You do this at the top right corner. :)

Rules of the page:
~Please only bump once a day
~If you are able to use the album feature please do so.
~Be respectful of others, don't be rude. Rudeness is NOT tolerated!
~Don't post the same pic/advertisement EVERYDAY without deleting the others.
~Delete pics/posts once your items have sold.
~Please post if your item is not in Chadron.
~ ALLitems MUST have a price listed or they will be deleted!
Anything over 2 weeks old WILL be deleted! Don't whine about your stuff "dissapearing" so to speak.
~No selling of fire arms or ammo.
~No selling of "adult" items
~If you're not from the area you won't be accepted to the page.
~PLEASE be courteous and keep your new posts/bumps to 10 a day! THe page is being clogged by 20+ pics by the same person numerous times a day. It's frustrating! This is why the album feature is encouraged.

We will not tolerate any RUDENESS, whining, griping, complaining or any other CRAP!! You will be removed without warning!
This should be fun!
Just remember to please delete your pics and posts after your items sell. PLEASE only BUMP once a day and keep them to 10 a day. Thanks!