For Mauritania

Who we are

We are a group of academics, intellectuals, and Mauritanian citizens living in various parts of the world. nor did we endorse the policies he followed in treating some of the country's affairs nor the decisions taken in recent months; the Mauritanian Government and people an appropriate place in the world.

We reject a coup perpetrated by a handful of military officers after they have been removed from office by their Commander in Chief, in a a perfectly legal and legitimate move by a President who is elected by the people.

We will strive to consolidate efforts at home and abroad to stand in the face of dictatorship, restore the democratic process and impose respect for the choice of the people of Mauritania.

We will also work on uniting the efforts of all the political parties, the trade unions as well as the activists from various intellectual and ideological tendencies, as we believe the current times require us to forget all the differences and special agendas and focus rather on a unique common goal: to abort the August 6th Putsch, save democracy in Mauritania and protect it in the future.

For Mauritania
We aim at restoring Democracy, then nurturing it.