Timelapse Maldives

This group is dedicated to time lapses. Timelapsaholics are most welcome to share their time lapses here.

This is a great platform for pros and beginners to share their unique techniques in their timelapsing skills.

Even though the group is named Timelapse Maldives, we welcome timelapses from all around the globe. Timelapse Maldives simply means that this group's origin is in the Maldives.

Please do not confuse the context of this group. Any unrelated material will be removed. If you are not sure of what the context of this group is, please read the about section from the top again.

Please be advised that this is not a marketing platform for electronic devices or any sort of consumer goods. Anyone who posts unrelated content will be reported, removed and banned...forever...and ever.. and ever.. and ever.