Fresno Area Subaru Trust ( F.A.S.T.)

The Group for Fresno Subaru owners. Post events, questions, and photos. Add people you think belong.

We the administrators of this wonderful Facebook group take pride in the family that we are creating! We want to keep the environment as clean and as appropriate as humanly possible. So we ask "YOU" the members to help us cut down on a few different things. these are some of these things we need help on:

1. There will be no speak or mention of illegal activities

2. Leave all your personal situations off of the boards and deal with them in an appropriate manner outside of F.A.S.T.

3. Please post all sale ads in the FAST Classifieds group.

4. No spamming!!!

5. and just for the fun of it... NO RICE!!!

We also encourage all of you the members to help us make our family grow!
Join in on the FUN!