Pets corner Dundee

Pets Corner is strictly a rehoming, selling and discussion group focused on animals based in the Angus area of Scotland. We will not tolerate discussions on breeding any animal as there are already too many unwanted or neglected animals and we do not want or support this.

Group Rules:-

1. You must be over the age of 16 to sell or buy animals through this group.

2. Any illnesses or behavioral problems must be stated when posting an advert.

3. Please refrain from using bad language. Keep discussions polite and respect one another.

4. Please do not offer pets for free as this encourages baiting and opportunities for profit. If you don't want to sell your pet, ask for a donation instead or use PM.

5. Do not buy pets from a member then try to sell to gain profit on this group.

6. If a seller asks for a price you cannot afford or agree with then please do not post.

7. Please try not to clog up the group with constant bumping. Please wait around 4 hours before bumping a message so that others have a chance to have their posts viewed.

8. Please refrain from advertising competitions and adverts that have nothing to do with animals. These posts will be deleted and you will be banned if it is continued.

9. Please remember that all animals have feelings and should be treated with respect.

10. If you have any problems or suggestions regarding any aspect of this group then please don't hesitate to contact one of our admins. Thanks.

12. No animals under the age of 8-10 weeks shall be advertised on this page when advertising plz state date of birth If anyone advertises animals under this age, the post will be removed and seller messaged.

List of Admins

Kat MacGregor (Group Owner)
Steven MacGregor
Gina Alison Mitchell
Lyn Dowie
Dee MacGregor
Joe Milborrow
Joe Hamilton
Sarah Bennett