29 Palms Hot Mommas!

A place for all expectant mothers and mothers in Twentynine Palms to have a place to plan get togethers, play dates, find work out buddies, ask questions, vent about the naval hospital or local hospitals and rant about pregnancy and new motherhood! Invite all your pregnant friends in 29 Palms ! BABY items for sale ARE allowed to be posted for sale and remember to delete as things are sold. BABY items are thing that are solely used for your child. A set of shoes cant be sold because you may wear them while holding your baby. A couch cant be sold because your child will sit on it. If its sole use is for a baby - its good to go. Otherwise there are 12,054 other yard sale pages to utilize.

****NO ADVERTISEMENTS at all unless it is baby or mommy related will be allowed. There are a million places for those. If you still really wanna sell your -product- you better be smart enough to market it towards mommas. And these advertisements must be limited to once a week..And you WILL be deleted without warning if you post more then once a week.

Disclaimer...: Everything on here is intended for our eyes and solely our eyes. No posts are to be posted elsewhere or sent to people outside the group. Also - non of the conversations that are of a sensitive nature should be talked about outside the group. I'm aware patenting tips, ect. will be spread but things like vents, especially concerning our husbands or exs need to be protected here. Please DON'T talk to your husband about what's posted especially if it's concerning someone he knows or works with - but even in general - keep the convos to yourself. I know its hard not to talk to hubbys though about your day, so if I find out you slipped up, I will warn you. But if anyone screen shots posts, sends them to the wrong person - and I find out about it, you will be deleted without warning. Remember, I can see who sees what now. I hope that this is reasonable, seeing as its common sense, and not hard to follow. *BLOCKING ADMINS WILL BE CAUSE FOR IMMIDATE REMOVAL* Contact one of the other admind with issues and concerns. Thanks! [by being on this group, you agree to the simple rules.]

Other then that, have fun ! Be adults and be respectful.