2G Second Generation Holocaust Survivors

As children of Holocaust survivors, we realize the urgency in keeping the memories of our families alive, by telling their stories. It is our obligation in their honor and in honor of all those who perished in the Shoah, to assure that this will never happen again in the history of mankind. Amen. With respect- all welcome to comment, post, or ask questions. Use of profanity will not be tolerated.----
Please be aware that although this is a 2G - 3G group, non 2G - 3G persons may be members. Although this is a Closed Group, any posts, including photos, are made at your own risk as they may be tagged or used by other members or groups. Note, this is a PRO-Israel group, those with anti-Zionist views will not be comfortable with our mission, to honor our Holocaust legacy and support Israel.