HCCA Hispanic Corporate Council of Atlanta

HCCA Mission: "Invigorate the Corporate Community by elevating L...eaders in Hispanic affinity groups through collaboration & inclusion".



Business/Employee Resource Groups (B/ERG) are affinity groups that focus on providing support, enhancing career development, and contributing to personal development in the work environment. ERGs gather around activities for job responsibility, environmental advocacy, community service, volunteerism, and workplace wellness.

The HCCA is a platform for local affinity groups that celebrate Latin American culture(s) and to elevate the professional development of their respective membership.

The HCCA today has 39 Member-Corporations. We meet quarterly from 5-7PM. The location varies according to the hosting company. No membership fees or budget. Here are the requirements: 1) Your company has a Hispanic-affinity group. 2) Update all the contacts of your ERG Board + the Diversity director that oversees the ERG. 3) Pinpoint two dynamic representatives to be part of the HCCA.