Foreigners in Denmark

Foreigners in Denmark & Worktrotter DK is an online community of people from all over the world who now live in Denmark. Our site covers a variety of areas such as working in Denmark, and topics that can make moving to and life in Denmark a whole lot easier! You can find out more at

Posting FEE events and services in our group will go for a FEE. The same applies to posts from companies and projects which have budget. If you want to make members aware of your products or services please get in touch before-hand to discuss how that can be done. Unapproved posts for commercial products and services will be deleted and the member will be banned without further warning.
You can post FREE events or services which you offer upon agreement provided that for each of your posts in our group you post on your webpage a LINKto our webpage This way it will be a mutually beneficial exchange. Without this exchange your post will be deleted. If this happens 3 times, the poster will be banned from the group.

Offering PRIVATE items for sale to the group is OK, however it may not become overbearing. Therefore please collect all the items you want to sell in ONE post. Think well before you post, because you have one shot per items to sell per week. The posts that exceed this number will be deleted.

Please communicate properly with other members of the group. Even if you are of a different opinion than somebody else, you can still have a decent way of communicating. Not communicating properly with others will result in ONE warning. If that doesn't help, you will be banned without further notice.

Like anywhere on the web we have spammers and trolls. While we try to delete them and their posts, we are not online all the time. Therefore, we need your help with keeping this group going nicely. You can report a post which you don't find appropriate. We will consider it and delete it we agree with you as soon as we are on.

Thanks for all of you who support us with running this group and who support us with our activities around moving to, living and working in Denmark. Anybody who'd like to help, please let us know.

All the best,
Dagmar Fink