Cooking Association Bangladesh

This group is for Food Lovers, where you can share your thought on recipe, restaurant, tips, etc. This is mostly for the ones who are not only foodie but also amateur chef! This page is to encourage everyone passionate about cooking for friends and family, they can exchange recipe/ tips, place their queries, etc. We attempt to not only talk about food but spread information about healthy food, nutrition, etc. Members are most welcome to share their recipe, upload picture, promote their
Business. The most important part of this page not to miss ‘ THIS PAGE WILL GIVE YOU ACCESS TO ANNOUNCEMENT OF UP COMING COOKING BASED REALITY SHOWS IN THE 1ST TIRE TV CHANNELS OF THE COUNTRY! THERE IS MORE, IF YOU WANT TO PARTICIPATE, CONTACT US IN OUR COOKING AND GROOMING CLASSES WITH BEST CHANCE OF SELECTION!’ Yes! And friends we have Sharmeen Eusof in the house for any professional help, query, and contacts required! Enjoy cooking to inspire others.
We are glad to inform you that end of each month there will be " Recipe of the Month' according to number of likes on the recipe and our admin judges panel. Winner will be featured in leading Newspaper's recipe column/ TV cooking show as guest chef and many more. Keep your recipes details with picture to avoid being disqualified for the post by the admin.Happy Cooking, Keep Smiling!