JWEB SA Where South African Jews Meet

Founded on the seventh of May 2012 ,this group has been created for South African Jews where we can get together and gesels, laugh, talk seriously, and enjoy the values, friendship and connections that are unique to our shared culture. We live all over the world now – some are still in South Africa and many are dispersed all over the world – but here – in our “cyber shtetl” we can all come together and be united as family. Whether discussing Israel or Judaism, learning about Kabbalah, or sharing in each others’ lives, we offer a safe place where we can hang out together. Our overriding intent is to make this a place of respect for each other, honest and with as much transparency as we can offer. Come and join us and share in this wonderful world of South African Jewry together.

and business stuff....
We reserve the right to remove posts that are inappropriate, unacceptable or offensive at any time. Racist or homophobic posts will not be tolerated. We request that all members behave in a respectful and civil way towards one another.
As we all want to support one another and also know what we all do, we are not averse to a very ocasional ad for your services. Constantly overusing JWEB as an advertising location for a charity, business or other FB page is less acceptable. Please be respectful of our intent to foster a warm and heimische group.
Also good page manners require that no one person gets to hog the page.
Please leave space for all to participate.We will remove, at our discetion, an overflow of posts from the same person, if we deem them to be too many or inapproproiate..
We heartily encourage all to post and take part, to make it as interesting as we can.Everyone is invited to contribute to this page's success!.

Once again - welcome to our cyber shtetl, JWEB!

Philip Edelstein, Colin Levin.Merle Horwitz and Sharon Franklin,