Eco-Friendly Gift Wrap (McMaster University)

I am working on a project to re-use old magazines/newspaper as gift wrap and this project is currently supported by OPIRG (Ontario Public Interest Research Group). This project is intended to target the holiday season and will consist of volunteers who will wrap presents with magazines or newspapers on McMaster University campus. The purpose of this project is to spread awareness of waste created from gift wrap and to promote sustainable methods of gift wrapping. Old issues of newspapers/magazines will be collected by volunteers on campus. Gift wrapping will hopefully occur at least once a week for a few hours. This project will start mid- to late- November 2014 and end in mid-December 2014.

I am currently recruiting volunteers to take part and they can commit whatever time they can. I would like to set up a general meeting sometime in the last week of October to get things started. If you are interested in volunteering, please inbox me OR contact me at


Jane Zhang.