Horse Tack & Saddles for Sale - Alberta, Canada

Please be respectful to other members in the group!

Hey everyone, this is just a friendly reminder from the admins of some of the rules of the group...

-First of all, there are to be no "Horse for Sale" ads on this page as it is reserved for Tack, Riding Apparel and Saddles. Any horse ads will be deleted without notice

-All ads must include:
Item Description
Mode of delivery (shipping, pick up, delivery)

-If you are listing several (more than 1) items then please include them in an album so that the page isn't overflowing with one person's ads

-Also, please limit the number of posts per day to a reasonable amount per person

-And lastly, please no posting on behalf of a business as this page is for individuals to buy and sell tack

If a post or poster fails to follow the rules as they're stated, the original poster will be contacted and if not remedied the post will be removed.

Thanks everyone! If you have any questions or concerns about anything regarding this group you can message myself (Iain) Or Kaylee.