Finglas Sell Buy Swap or Giveaway Goods

1 Sellers please only bump or repost your
items once every 3 days. This is in the
interest of fairness to all sellers using the page. Repeat posting or "bumping" doesn't give other sellers' items a chance to be seen if your items are constantly at the top. Repeatedly bumped items will be deleted without further notice.

2 If you are selling a number of items please do not bump them all at the same time. Please bump a maximum of 5 items at any one time. Do not comment under others posts in a negative way that would compromise them selling the item. Personal opinions are just that personal opinions.

3. Please refrain from posting up multiple pictures for the one item you are selling. Please send additional pictures directly to the interested buyer etc. Multiple pictures items will be deleted without notice.

4. If you have committed to purchase an item and circumstances change, please contact the seller and advise them of this as son as possible so they can repost the item. Please do not commit to a sale if you have no intention of purchasing as this not fair to the seller.

5 If you have arranged to meet a seller/buyer and you are unable to keep the arrangement please notify the seller of this well in advance. If the administrators receive complaints about repeat offenders not showing up we will have no option but to remove them from this page.

4 When receiving PMs please note that sometimes they don't always appear in your messages folder so remember to check your "other" messages folder as it sometimes ends up here due to the person being part of a group.
On a smart phone if a PM doesn't appear to have reached you, click on the members name and then select send message as if to send one and the original PM from the other person usually then appears

5 Please show respect when dealing with other members on this page. No abusive language or threats will be tolerated.Members who breach this rule will be deleted

6 Kindly delete posts and photos when items sell to keep the page clear of old posts.

7. All posts must have a price . No asking for offers . Posts without price will be deleted

8 If members are selling from outside the Finglas area it would be useful to include the area you are located. Also be prepared to travel to Finglas if you are from outside the area

10 Please note that the sale of alcohol and cigarettes are prohibited on this page, also all business must contact me first before posting on the page

11 Please note that the sale of concert and event tickets above face value is strictly prohibited on this page. Such sellers will be immediately removed and blocked indefinitely

12 There is to be no selling of animals on this page

13 There is to be no sale of any kind of weapons or illegal items. There is to be no sale of any kind of tablets

Any queries or suggestions regarding this page you may contact one of the administrators