Clyde, Fremont, and surrounding area garage sale site

I created this group so we can list and sell items with our friends and family. This is a no gossip treat others as you would like them to treat you type of group. If you can not act like an adult you will be removed from this site. No business ads allowed on this site.If you send me a request to join our site and you are not in our area, or I can not see your information to verify that you are in our area, your request will be ignored. Or you will have to have a friend in the group to be added.

Bumps are allowed but lets be far and keep them limited to once every 24 hours.

No swearing allowed on this site.

Items allowed to sell on this site include anything that you would sell at your own Garage sale. All items must have a asking price and location. No bidding allowed. This is not an action site.

No adult and or drug related items. I will remove these items and you will be removed from site if you list them.