Melbourne Yoga Teachers Unite

This group was created in the spirit of developing a more yoga instructor community here in Melbourne. We welcome your participation and contribution. All we ask is the following:
*No overt selling to the group or group members (no promotion of regular workshops, classes or retreats UNLESS designed specifically for yoga teachers)
*Any promotions for yoga teachers MUST specifically articulate how the activity benefits yoga teacher attendees (i.e. assisting, cueing, breaking down of advanced asana into teachable chunks, making spiritual speak more accessible, building a yoga business, running a yoga business, living a yoga teacher lifestyle)
*That if you find an article or web link of interest or inspiration for yoga teachers - please share
*Philosophical discussions - or coordinating catch-ups to talk about yoga philosophy - most welcome
*Asking questions - fabulous -maybe the more senior members of our community will be able to provide guidance
*Teacher trainings, information about accreditation, CPR, insurance or PD courses to enhance our yoga instruction - please share
*Visiting international yogi teachers - love it - please articulate in your post
*Industry news and developments - fabulous
And all with a view to deepening our understanding of yoga, increasing our access to information and connecting with others on a similar journey.
UPDATE: to help those who do have products and workshops to share there have been other groups set up specifically for that purpose
1. For retreats, workshops and special classes please head to Yoga Workshops, Training and Events
2. For classes try Cover Me Yoga
3. For selling products go to Yoga Products for Sale or Buy Australia
4. For charitable yoga events - Aussie Yogis Unite -
Please also remember to keep yourself safe. As with any online forum please don't give out personally identifying information in the public forum.
Plus no naming and shaming of anyone or any business (defamation).
The crew at Yoga Australia