Greek Girls Swap Shop

After being invited to several other Swap Shops on Facebook and cleaning out my closet finding several Greek things that I am not in need of anymore, I figured it would be ideal to creat a Swap Shop for Greek women. If you are unfamiliar with Swap Shops, it's a group where you can buy and sell gently used, unwanted items. For example- clothes, shoes, sorority/greek decorations, hand-made items, etc. This would be a great place for girls to look for, buy, and sell semi-formal and formal dresses as well. If you would like to sell something, you simply put a picture and the price you are asking for it. (I'll post an example). Also, if you are in search of something (dress, decorations, etc.) you can put "In search of....."

From experience, I know it's so helpful when you're looking for something to turn to your 100+ sorority sisters for it. Why not open the doors and all help each other out? I hope this is useful to everyone. Feel free to post anything. Also, please invite all of your sisters to join!!