Essex County Buy & Sell (Essex, Ontario, Canada)

New & Improved Group Information:

Mobile users are required to follow the same rules.

1. This group is for personal classifieds only, such as yard sale items. If you have a yard sale you want to advertise, please send a message to one of the admins and it will be added to the Yard Sale file.

2. No businesses are to advertise here. If you do the post will be removed. If you attempt to promote your business here a second time you will be removed.

3. If you have more than one item for sale please create an album instead of posting one photo at a time which takes up the entire wall. If you cannot create an album, please limit single photos to three.

4. Please label your album with your first and/or last name, what is in the album and your location.

5. Once you post an ad please wait at least 7 days before bumping your ad by commenting on it or reducing your price which bumps it to the top. Please only bump a maximum of 3 items at a time. It is beneficial to everyone if you bump an entire album, instead of individual photos.

6. Posts that are bumped (or commented on by you) in less than 7 days will be deleted. Do not post duplicate photos of an item. Simply find your photo and comment on it to bump it to the top of the wall. If we find duplicate photo, all photos of the item will be deleted and you will not be able to post it again for another week.

7. If you have been fortunate enough to sell your items, please delete your post/photos. If your item is Sold Pending Pickup, please "hide" your post so that it isn't taking up space on the wall.

8. People creating drama/fighting on the page will be removed from the group.

9. Please DO NOT sell illegal items on this page. Some examples of these items are walkers, cribs and strollers that have been recalled. Car seats are not allowed to be sold. For more information, please read the Health Canada file.

10. The sale of animals is NOT permitted in this group. If we see an ad for an animal for sale it will be removed.

11. If you are interested in purchasing an item we encourage everyone to put the word 'interested' because many times someone will ask a question and not come back for hours or days leaving the seller wondering what to do with others waiting. 99% of the time everyone does put interested. But as of lately we, as admins, have been challenged by members saying "well if I asked a question obviously I'm interested" so from there we cannot force buyers/sellers to do business in a certain way and in those cases have left the decision up to the seller of that particular item. So if you are interested in an item depending on the answer to a questions such as the condition or size of an item please put "interested" and put your question along with it, for example "Interested depending on size" or "will this fit in a car? if so interested" you always have the option to pass.

Thank you & have fun buying & selling,
Lisa, Natalie, Nicki, Renee
& Aimee