My brothers and sisters in this group including those will be able to read this message I beg your attention to understand my explanation.In this world I have seen good things being turned to worst as a result it has reached to a point of losing peoples life.Today in many countries there is misunderstandings/war becoz of not only people at the top but including those at bottom though there is a disease which satan uses by enabling the bottom ones feel very much innocent yet its them causing all these problems.There is a speech a person who forgets his past has got no future.This means what we are today is from what you were in the past.Whether Democracy,One-Party system or adding Federal system I repeat nothing is bad but people are the ones who are very bad in every society,community,region/province or nation.If peopl are of good heart and well united nothing is bad or impossible at any level of our lives.Everyone needs to screen him/herself from grass-root to the top so that we come to our normal senses before passing the decission.There are many good systems in this world and many countries are using same yet are rich and still growing very fast.For instance China is not democratic but rich as well as growing very fast why? The spirit in them that ties all making one nation does all this success.Malawi did very well with one party-system living standard,economy as well as developement and the reason was the spirit in those Malawians by then who were so united than this new Democratic-Malawi full of disunity,tribalism,selfish,hatred and claiming well educated than before.Believe me bring in any system but with this heart in the North,Central, and South its a waiste of your energy and time.Whether you get angry or fight this will not improve anything.And blaiming the people at the top again it will never work.In the bible there is a verse that states that dont look a dirt into your friends eye but start with the log in yours, this is agood message to you and may God help us all in Malawi.Iam from north Karonga doubt not but take my message at heart.