I Love Bangladesh

Ami Bangladesh Ke Balobhashi!

There really is no need to say much about this group, the name says it all: I Love Bangladesh! This group is for everyone who loves Bangladesh, its traditions, its culture and its people. Members can discuss any Bangladesh-related topics they are passionate about. Members can post Bangla poems, photos, songs (not too many!), news articles of any positive developments in Bangladesh, experience of trips to Bangladesh from abroad (or from one region to another within Bangladesh), etc.

We particularly like those breathtaking photos of our beloved rural Bangladesh. But please ensure your photos are genuine (not photoshopped) and that you don’t post too many at the same time as it doesn’t give people enough time to view them all. Perhaps no more than 2/3 photos per day.

We have a diverse membership; many expatriate Bangladeshis from around the world, as well as from different districts of Bangladesh, participate in this group.

At times we may disagree with each others, but to ensure our group remains non-partisan and welcoming for all, we should adhere to these simple guidelines:

• Avoid expletives or adult contents.
• No politics! Promoting/attacking Bangladeshi political parties is not permitted here.
• Avoid religious posts. This is a cultural group; members of all religion are welcome and members must take care not to offend followers of other faiths when posting something.
• No brand/product advertisement. We may occasionally allow charity promotions, but please contact the admin before posting anything.
• Denigrating people of other nations is unacceptable. However, healthy, informative debates on other countries’ relationship with Bangladesh are welcome.

Thank you
Admin Team