Cardiff University Palestine Society

This is the Facebook Group for the Cardiff university Palestine society. Compelled in our refusal of any form of racism and our will to promote values of justice, peace and equality for all, we are a student society dedicated to raising awareness of the continued humanitarian crisis challenging the lives of Palestinians and their prolonged struggle for peace. Our aim is to shed a light on different aspects of the Israeli occupation, which has been ongoing for over 60 years and has left thousands dead and affected millions.

We aim to do this through a series of events, film screenings, lectures, performances and debates; with a hope to bring across as wide an education as possible to the student body and to create an environment in which we are able to encourage discussion and debate that allows for different voices to be heard and respected. We hope this will encourage people to cross barriers in an effort to promote change. We facilitate open dialogue beginning with the premise that there is truth to everyone’s narrative.

We also aim to spread awareness about Palestinian culture. We want to begin speaking of Palestinians not just in terms of “victims” or “perpetrators” of violence and oppression, but also as a unique people with its own culture, heritage and history. We will do this by holding cultural and social events to provide an insight into Palestinian history, literature, music, dance and food - get excited! :D

This group will be used to promote and share our events and other Palestine related news/history. There is a zero tolerance from this society for bigotry. Any racist or xenophobic comments, be it anti-Islamic or anti-Semitic, will not be tolerated.

We welcome the support from people within and outside of the Cardiff University community. Please join our member's list by purchasing a free membership using this link:

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We own the future and we want to see it differently: no walls, no drones, no ghettos, no racism and no oppression.