Toronto/Canada MUAH Network

This group is designed for makeup artists & hairstylists of all levels of artistry in the Greater Toronto Area (Ontario and Canada).

To be approved to join, it should be evident from your profile that you are a makeup or hair artist (of any level) and that you live in the local Toronto/Ontario Area. Newbies and students are welcome, but your profile should show that you either have attended school or are currently in makeup/hair school.

There are professionals with many years of experience and new artists who are interested in learning more. We can all come together here to ask each other questions about our industry, give or ask for product suggestions, suggest rate guidelines, put up job postings and offer up yourself as an assistant. Local artists only!

*The selling or promotion of Avon, Mary Kay, Arbonne, Younique, Motives
and any other private, door to door or MLM based cosmetics companies is not permitted.