Avant Progressive

"A discussion group for music that falls into the categories of "avant progressive"rock; R.I.O [rock in opposition], Zeuhl,and other sub-categories.
This group's official language is English and I would like to kindly ask all members to refrain from posting in other languages .
Members of this group should refrain from posting youtube clips UNLESS they actually say something about the band or song or whatever that they are posting
SO: The challenge is CONVINCE fellow group members that it is worth clicking on the link by actually saying something enticing/interesting/etc about the link. "
Thank You
While this listis open, discussion is meant to focus on rehearsal intensive rock
bands such as [but by NO means limited to] Art Bears, Art Zoyd, Blast, Bondage Fruit, Etron Fou, Happy Family, Henry Cow, Magma, Albert Marcoeur,
Naked City, National Health, Samlas Mammas Manna,Soft Machine, Stormy Six, Univers Zero, 5uu'sand many, many others. But please allow the
conversation to take you where it goes. I'd like to keep the dialogue interesting and friendly and there are no penalties for straying
into other musical waters here!"
I am aware some topics might overlap with some other groups but I still feel there is room for a group that focuses on Avant Progressive -
its worthwhile to check out all the featured topics and albums covered so far it gives some perspective scope and will help avoid multiple overlapping posts