Former Police Officers in Business

I have set up this group for former law enforcement officers around the world who are now in business.
This is a great portal for you,the former LEO to communicate,learn and assist each other as if we were back on the streets. you may notice I have chosen a shield with the patron saint of police officers ,St Michael as our emblem.
I dont know about other members, but when I was on the job, very rarely did the hierarchy back us or assist here is our chance to do just that...
About me, I joined the UK military aged 16 in 1977, left 1990 and 3 weeks later was a cop in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. Served on several depts, traffic, drugs(narcs) royal protection, tactical weapons team(swat). I left 2008 and started Aspire Services, Business Travel & Security Consultants, with my partner who was already in the business travel industry.
see our FB page and like.
So please feel free to post your business and start friending each other.