[BSA] Bengali Student Association | Cornell University

Happy International Mother Language Day! "Ekushey February (or 21st of February) is not only a day of calendar for Bangladeshi people; for them it's a day of great significance, of great sacrifice, of great achievement. Every year on Ekushey February, Bangladeshi people celebrate the Bangla Language Movement, and pay respect to those great heroes who sacrificed their lives for their mother tongue, Bangla, on 21st February, 1952, and at the same time sowed the seeds of the independence movement was to free Bangladesh and become its own nation." "Bangla isn't the only language spoken in Bangladesh. The other languages that I know of include Urdu, English, Chittagonian, Sylheti, Garo. There are, of course, many more. Let's celebrate the freedom to speak a language you love." The photo is of the Shahid Minar, a national monument commemorating this day. Taken from Faiza Haq.