In October of 2004,Chambermusik.Com was born with a mission: to ...become the bridge between the streets and the internet, and bring back the availability of many underground artists who the corporatized music industry seemingly left behind on the stockpile. We did this before the advent and popularity of myspace and youtube. We are proud to say, we achieved our primary goals, and have since made available for public consumption, literally hundreds of exclusive products, most of which have still never been available in retail formats. We showed the world that not only can a small company make an impact as a movement in music, but can also effectively and diplomatically control bootlegging and illegal file-sharing of independent artists without having to take extreme measures, as has been the case with large corporations and the RIAA.

I myself am a career artist, and understand the needs of artists, and know how to translate value to the fans. Hip-Hop, like Jazz is an American Indigenous artform, which needs to be properly expressed as a cultural movement, not a canned, mass-marketed product. We at Chambermusik have since been fortunate, with the help and support of our loyal fanbase, to procure a distribution deal with one of the most robust companies in the U.S., Koch Entertainment Distribution. We began releasing music in July of 2008, and will continue to bring forth more and more of the type of classic music and entertainment the Chambermusik brand has come to be known for.

Thank you, each and every one of you, for the love and support.

G-Clef, CEO, Chambermusik.Com and Chambermusik Records