Everett, Angus, Mansfield and others in the Boonies Buy/Sell/Trade etc...

This group is located in Ontario, Canada. We've been getting requests to join from England. I know there are a lot of similar named towns in the UK. Sorry for any confusion to our friends overseas!

Open to anyone, not just towns mentioned!

Buyer beware! Ask questions!
Seller beware, ask questions too!

No-shows will be given 1 warning, then removed from the group the 2nd time they are reported as a no-show to me. Call or msg if you can't show, same for those of you at home, if you have to go out, let the buyer know!

**Please don't spam post businesses like Avon, Regal, etc.... I'm getting complaints regarding repeated postings. Once a week is more than adequate. Thank you**

Any negative remarks, PLEASE msg me! Elizabeth McDonald! Keep the msg boards for listings and looking fors.
Feel free to promote your own businesses here too!
Avon to Daycare, promote all you want!

Please delete any photos of items after they have been sold/delivered/picked up to avoid any confusions.