Busy moms online yard sales, Baldwinsville NY

1.) No Profanity!!!
2.) ALL POST FROM 2013 MUST BE DELETED! If the post has not sold please re post it.
3.)privet message each other to give out address, to be safer!!
4.)No negativity, be kind.....Being negative will get you deleted
5.)All pets must be 8 weeks or older in order to sell!!
6.) NO AD's !!!!!!!!!!! This included weight loss Ad's!!!!
7.)you will be tagged and or notified of a old post. you then will have 24 hours too update it or delete it or you will be banned!!
8.) All sellers must be 18 or older(must be able to see birthday)
9.) I must be able to message you if i need to!
10.) if you are selling more than 2 things you must have them in A file folder so that the page doesn't get over flown with things, refusing to do so will get you banned!
11.) Nothing Priced Over $200.00 as this is not a millionaire site.