Harwood Union H.S. Rwanda Travel Study

Harwood Union High School has had a relationship with the country of Rwanda since November 2003, when a former student presented his HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention work in Rwanda. The presentation inspired a student to travel to Rwanda for three weeks in January 2004. When he returned and began sharing stories and photos, he inspired his small high school in central Vermont to begin creating new and meaningful relationships with the people of Rwanda.

Since 2004, over eighty students, teachers and parents have traveled to Rwanda. A handful have returned to do humanitarian work. With the help of a supportive school and community, the travel study has become a wonderfully engaging project. To learn more visit http://rwanda.ywpschools.net/.

To see specific humanitarian projects by students:

Teaching English at Kabuga High School

Teaching English at Les Enfant Orphanage

Volunteering at Les Enfant Orphanage
http://elenainrwanda.blogspot.com/?spref=fb or http://www.rwandaally.blogspot.com/