Case Western Reserve University Class of 2017

Welcome to CWRU!

This is the official Case Western Reserve University Class of 2017.

As president of the class of 2016, I welcome you to what you will soon come to know as a unique and unforgettable experience. Case Western homes some of the brightest and most dedicated minds. Staying here is no easy task, but the skills, the knowledge, and the relationships you will acquire and build will make every effort and moment worth it. For its size, Case is rich in diversity. From athletes, to engineers, to businessmen and businesswomen, to fraternity men and sorority women, to gamers, to all of the above and beyond, Case builds a community that is devoted to diversity, unity, and respect.

College is also more than academics, so I urge each one of you to explore your passions on campus- and if an opportunity is not present, create it. Do not let barriers or limitations impede on your goals. This will be your home away from home; a place to grow, prosper, and become the person who you wish to become.

Welcome to Case Western class of 2017.