Brown county yard sale- NO BUSINESSES!

Knowing its close to tax time and some of you may be looking to buy a new car I warn you to not buy through cross town motors in Mt.Orab. They are crooks!!! We bought a car through them the car ran fine for about two days tops. The transmission almost completely gave out on us the gages all read wrong and it would shut off on you for no reason. The throttle body had to be replaced. All this right after two days of owning it. We called them and told them about these problems and they told us that they offered us a warranty but you chose not to buy it. For one no they didn't. If they did we would have bought one. They said they would send it off to have it fixed but they wouldn't give us a replacement. My boy friend called the car lot they sent it off to, and ask about how it was coming along. The mechanic asked when we bought this car and my boyfriend replied two days ago. The mechanic replied this car was in here a week ago for all these problems and the guy came and got it and sold it knowing all these things were wrong with it. The owner of crosstown knew I was putting a two year old child in this car that was a mess and sold it to me any ways. Also we put money down on this car and 20% of what we put down went in their pocket and they call it a finance fee.... Its a buy here pay here?!?! 3000 dollars we put down only 75.00 went to the price of the vehicle. That may be our fault for trusting them but PLEASE I URGE YOU DO NOT BUY FROM CROSS TOWN MOTORS IN MT ORAB