Macau Swap or Buy

Welcome everyone!!!
Please read and understand the rules and regulation of this group before you post anything to avoid misunderstanding to all the members!
The purpose of this group is strictly for buying, selling, and having Helpful or friendly discussions ( with the occasional rant of course ) . Please be respectful and courteous to other members and have fun!!!!:)

1) Speak English

2) Restricted items:
-illegal items-

3) Stating your opinion is absolutely fine and a basic human right, not everybody will agree on everything, but bullying is under no circumstances acceptable. Any member who partakes in bullying behavior will be removed and banned permanently. The purpose of this group is to buy and sell items, not to harass people.

If you are having problems with another member harassing you please feel free to message an admin.

- Bumping is allowed once per 24 hours

- If there are duplicated posts, I will delete one of them and advise you of the duplicate. If it appears that the duplicate post was intentional ( to bump your item) I will delete both ads.

- All items "MUST HAVE A PRICE". You can of course note that you are accepting offers or OBO as long as you have a ball park price to start with. This will prevent much frustration and arguments between members.

- PLEASE TRY AND REMOVE YOUR AD WHEN THE ITEM IS SOLD!! It will save the admins a lot of work as well as prevent people from eating their time inquiring about a sold item, and the seller from receiving pointless notifications on the item.