Arbroath,dundee, carnoustie and surrounding areas recycle free


Our page provides a way to get rid of clutter and give to people who can use your items or materials. Request items or materials which you need for free. Swapping items is acceptable and we are happy to promote local events. We are trying to promote a friendly, caring group that supports local people!

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RULES: Please help to make this community amazing and our jobs as admins much easier by following the rules below.

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1. No selling as normal, there are tons of pages for that in our area on Facebook. If someone tries to sell you what they offered as free, please screenshot this and send it to an admin so we can ban them. This group is for free or items only. It follows, therefore, that no offers of payment should be made or requests of places to purchase goods as it encourages others to potentially offer sale goods; both of which are against the philosophy of Freecycle

2. No animal/pet listings - there are plenty of pages for this. Animals are not used items to be recycled.

3. List one item in the general photo album only. If you have more than one item then please create an album for your collection. The easiest way to keep track of your item/album long term is to save it in your Favorites of your browswer.

4. Please no drama, be considerate of others and say PLEASE/THANK YOU. MANNERS COST NOTHING!! This also covers people replying to 'offered' ads. You're more likely to receive the item if you're generally polite. This is a helpful community page where we want to recycle as much of our items as possible, give to people who need it and feel comfortable asking for things we need in a way that doesn't come across as greedy.

♥ ☮ ☀ Also remember when asking for something free, a full PLEASE comes across much better than 'PLS'.

5. No handcrafted products or services or page/business promoting may be listed unless you are offering your items or service for free. We do however like to promote local events so feel free to advertise them here.

6. Please no bumping your listing more than once a day. Please don't relist your item, simply make a comment on the item (also known as bumping) so that it appears once again at the top of the page.

7. No reselling of items received or purchased here is allowed. Reselling these items for a profit defeats the aims of this page and will be looked on as deliberately exploiting the good will of the members of Huntingdon Freecycle and any other page on which you are reselling. The consequenses are immediate bans from this group aswell as other local facebook selling groups.

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♥ We don't mean to scare you but when you meet with someone play it safe. So some advice we want to share...

If you're visiting a home, take a buddy. If you're having someone visit you, have a buddy with you. Do not rely on anyone under 18 to be your buddy. If you can't have someone with you, at least phone a friend when someone arrives and then phone them back when they leave, then at least if you don't phone within a preset amount of time and can't contact you, they can call the police for you.

Or maybe have the transaction take place outside in the front of your house or building, or ask the visitor if they will meet you in the front for safety reasons. Additionally if possible you could choose to meet in a public place, park near the entrance of a store (not the back!) so there will be more people who can intervene if necessary. Don't let your guard down, don't go off to a quieter place.

If anyone harasses or attacks you, you should file a police report and you'll need witnesses to back up your claim (public place or buddy system!). Filing a report will help deter people from repeating bad behavior and it's the only way they learn in the long run. In fact most first crimes are repeated because that person got away with it in the first time. Please notify the admin if anything bad ever happens to you.

Keep yourself as safe as possible because you're important to the people who love you! ♥

☮ By using Freecycle we aim to keep useable items out of garbage dumps, having a less desctructive impact on the earth, reduce consumerism, promote us to clear our clutter (see book below) and help create community bonds in a positive way.

Clearing Your Clutter with Feng Shui BY Karen Kingston - AWESOME BOOK!!! Very little about Feng Shui, but amazingly helpful at helping you realise how to identify clutter more objectively, and help you create the home and life you really want! Veronica's personal recommendation of many years! ♥ Cheap book - Tons of used versions here from £2.50-3.00 at Amazon:

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