6 Degree's

Hello and welcome to 6 Degrees!

This group was started by a lovely lady called Suzanne Butler Davis.

Her idea was to bring loads of us together from our home area. You might have gone to the school on Coppice Road or The Thorns. Did you go to the Speedway? You might have gone on a school cruise or skiing trip. You might be from Quarry Bank, The Cally, Acres Road, Thorns Road, Cradley Heath, Brierley Hill, Amblecote Road, Mill Street and the list goes on :)

So what is the group for? Well it's for sharing memories, catching up with people and enjoying some good times. You might re-connect with people you haven't seen in a long time. We are each of us part of a huge social network and no matter what life has thrown at you here we all are with some good stories, happy memories and a lovely way to spend some time.

Hopefully even if you don't know the person posting on the threads you might make a connection to the people or places.

They say 6 people separate everyone on the planet, lets get making those connections :)

Hope you enjoy the group!